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The Treasure of Castor Oil

By Jennice H. Spence

Thank you for your consistent participation in this health blog. As a mother of two, this platform is used to uplift anyone who may be hurting from any health concerns they may have with their family. I specifically target causes and effects of eczema, but it’s clear that most of the tips can give insight and in some cases even resolution to most autoimmune diseases that plague the body.

In my last two blogs I wrote about my favorite products to use on my daughter’s skin and the amazing way she is now reacting. Right now I want to focus on the use of castor oil and how I am using it to promote hair growth. If you are a mother you may have experienced cradle cap or baby baldness because of the particular way newborns are laid on their backs constantly to avoid SIDS. This is very important to do, however over time if the child’s hair is under constant strain and sufficient oxygen is not allowed to that portion of the scalp the hair may be significantly depleted and struggle with hair growth in the future.

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This was the case with Jenna as she did experience slight baldness on the back of her head. I am taking every precaution to turn Maya to her side from time to time to prevent this same thing from happening. In the past I have used serums that promised rapid hair growth, but I noticed that the moisture would evaporate quickly. Also I had to take extra measures to make sure the mixtures were not too harmful for children or for her sensitive skin. In the beginning, I think I used castor oil only in a hurry if I could not find her normal bergamot hair grease in the morning. As she teetered around in the playground I noticed how soft and bouncy her pigtails were after using the castor oil, not to mention her curls were so defined. As an African American well defined curls are a sign that the entire shaft of the follicle has been sealed. Her scalp was also less itchy and it also seemed thicker. So I decided to use it more frequently and add it to her nightly routine.

I first add a splash of water with my hand to the hair and massage it in. After that, I part the hair in four sections and use the castor oil to coat the scalp. Next with a small comb or soft brush I spread the oil throughout the rest of the hair entirely and then re-twist the hair before she goes to bed. The hair grows thicker, shinier, more elastic and faster. I also use castor oil to grow my locs faster and healthier and I have seen enormous strides in my hair condition overall.

If you are looking for a good way to boost your hair growth routine, I would encourage you to try castor oil as is it cost effective, completely natural and a ricinoleic acid which promotes hydration. I am so glad that I have found this small little gem. My daughters and I are on our way to our most healthy hair ever. And as always….

Live Healthy One Day At a Time


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Jennice Spence
As a mother of two I have a lot to learn about taking care of a family. My Husband and oldest daughter currently suffer with dry skin and eczema. This is my life and journey learning how to naturally cure this autoimmune disease and to give hope to any other mother facing similar circumstances by Living Healthy One Day At A Time.
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