26 Sep 2015

Are you looking for a great triceps bodyweight exercise that requires absolutely no equipment? Well, if you have not tried Triceps Push-Ups, then it is time you treat your triceps to one of the best overall exercises you could possibly do. Triceps Push-ups are tougher than regular Push-Ups since your triceps are pushing the brunt of your bodyweight as opposed to your chest, which are larger muscles that can push a heavier amount of weight. You bring your chest all the way down to the ground and push up just before your elbows lock, just like you would for a regular Push-Up. A common version of the Triceps Push-Up is placing your hands in a diamond shape on the ground. We like to call these “Jay-Z” push-ups (since your hands will look like Jay-Z’s Roc Sign) or Diamond Dallas Page Push-Ups, because of the famous diamond sign he made. Your elbows will bend slightly, but make sure they do not bend too much. Doing so not only takes away from the effectiveness of working your triceps, but your rotator cuffs run the risk of potential injury.
If you are at home watching football tomorrow night, then these would be a great alternative to sitting on the couch. Also, if you are stuck in a hotel with no gym equipment, then you can do these in your hotel bedroom.

There are easier versions of the Triceps Push-Up as well, including the Vertical Triceps Push-Up, the Wall Triceps Push-Up, and the Knee Triceps Push-Up.
Let our certified personal trainer, Deonte Toliver show you how to do a Triceps Push-Up in this video:

Filming: Beya Johnson Photography (http://www.beyajohnson.com)
Editing: Joesph Wamah
Instrumental – “All Black” by Yung Ryan (music by Yun6 Canon and Mr. Man)


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