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We Are Winning Part 2

By: Jennice Hamilton Spence

Welcome back to my blog, and as promised, I have the continuation of the last article discussing some of my favorite products to use while dealing with my daughter and my husband’s dry skin and eczema. In this article we will talk about some of my Don’ts and give you some reasonable explanations why I choose to keep away from these products. For the sake of the internet I would like to say that my statements are my opinions based on my observations and in no way want to take away from the integrity of the products mentioned. Let’s begin!

Number one on my list is Dreft Laundry detergent. Dreft is a very famous detergent which is known for being very gentle on baby clothes and giving the clothing a unique sweet smell that is reminiscent of the natural smell of a new born baby. Although it does market itself to also be gentle on baby’s skin, when dealing with eczema, one must always be careful not to trigger the body’s allergic reactions, and always the rule of thumb is “less is more”. The product has 28 ingredients which include some brighteners, a lot of sulfates and different chemically infused salts. I have noticed that my 2 year old seems to become inflamed around the neckline, stomach and thighs after wearing clothing washed in the detergent. I have not completely ruled out the new Dreft Pure just yet, that no dyes or fragrances, but will be testing a few outfits to be sure.

SN: I have not perfected this just yet myself, but it is a good idea to use a daily journal to track your eating habits as well as the soaps and detergents you use.

Second on my list would be Ivory soap. Anyone born in the 90’s will agree, this soap was very much a staple in our lives. Our parents swore by it. However, when dealing with kids with dry skin, the formula is just too harsh and strips of the moisture right out of the skin. For many with eczema, this can have consequences that last for days. In fact, many dermatologists agree the skin does a very good job of moisturizing itself from the inside out. Many suggest just using warm water with a soft rag and then using soap in the more “private” areas is just fine for overall skin health for most people.

For my last “Don’t” product, in this very short list, is Air Wick 6 in 1 Essential Oils Spray. And this did not have an effect on Jenna, or my husband. This product broke MY skin out. Very casually my husband and I were cleaning the living room and he decided to spray our new couch to give the room a fresh and relaxing smell. After about an hour of taking tending to the kids I put them to bed for a nap and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to bumps all over the back of my thighs and some on my forearm which I had been resting on while on the couch. They were sore and slightly itchy as well. You can probably feel my anxiety at this point as this rarely happens to me and I didn’t quite know where to place the blame. Like, I said it’s always good to keep a small journal and make a note of all the products you bring into your house, especially if they are new. I decided to read the can and with just a bit of detailed investigation I saw the error which was made. The fragrances in the product were “INSPIRED” by essential oils, not claiming to be natural at all. It also stated that this product should not be in contact with the skin for prolonged time frames. As I continue this journey, I’m finding more and more that products with heavy fragrances are severe triggers for sensitive skin as well as normal skin.

So that concludes my short list of “Don’ts” again take everything with a grain of salt and do your own research and observations with your family and as always….

Live Healthy One Day At a Time….


Jennice Spence
As a mother of two I have a lot to learn about taking care of a family. My Husband and oldest daughter currently suffer with dry skin and eczema. This is my life and journey learning how to naturally cure this autoimmune disease and to give hope to any other mother facing similar circumstances by Living Healthy One Day At A Time.
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