16 May 2019


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It’s been awhile since my last entry, and for good reason. My husband has been admitted to the hospital twice in the past 2 weeks. His eczema took a turn for the worse, and had one of the most gruesome flare ups in his life and in our marriage. I’m just thankful he made it through and is recovering so well.
For those of you who don’t know, eczema is described as an irritation on the skin, along with red patches, soreness and itchy dry skin. This can occur all over the body or concentrate on certain areas. My husband, Isaac has it all over, but had relatively kept it under control.

This time it had him in the back of an ambulance truck with my hands raised to God in constant prayer. I truly for the first time understood sickness and how it can plague not only its victim but all those involved.
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It is important to know and understand firstly that I notice everything about my family. As a mother and wife my skills in this department have been exemplified. Looking back, the signs of this flare up was apparent, however I was not privy to them yet.
“I’m cold baby” he would say to me every night. “What’s wrong? Do we need to turn up the heat?” I would say. We even bought a heated blanket. I started to notice he took longer naps during the day and his appetite was almost gone. At first, I wanted to say this was the flu, but no fever or running nose.
If you have a love one suffering from eczema, look for some of these symptoms as a precaution. They are all descriptions of the immune system getting weak. Eczema is just a reflection of the internal problems of the digestive system. When digestion is slowed or compromised then a flare up is bound to arise.
Just in contraposition, my child’s skin was clearing up. Now I know I said it had been clearing before, but I had nothing in particular except for the routine I kept her on and the cocoa butter. Not only was it clear and smoother than ever, but it had a rich glow. It came to me suddenly in my thoughts one morning. I wanted to make sure she was eating enough vegetables along with the fruit she was consuming. I turned to carrots. I think one day she ate 4 packs of her carrot baby food. She loved it, and mommy was loving the benefits.
So I decided to incorporate carrot juice into our diet.

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