19 Jan 2016

Wide Grip Pull-Ups are one of the best exercises to help you build width and strength to your back. Below are the instructions on how to do them, along with a demo video.

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1.) Step onto a block, a stack of plates, or anything you can find that will help you reach the bar. Jumping is not recommended for the Wide Grip Pull-Up since it can put a lot of strain on your shoulders.

2.) Use an overhand grip, wider than your shoulders to make it a “wide grip”.

3.) Slowly pull yourself up using your Latissimus Dorsi (lats). The biceps are the synergistic muscles that will assist you in the Wide Grip Pull-Up. Bring your chin over the bar.

4.) Slowly lower yourself back into your locked starting position.

5.) Repeat for the prescribed amount of reps given to you.

The Wide Grip Pull-Up is challenging. If you cannot perform one yet, do not worry! You can increase your strength by performing negative eccentric Wide Grip Pull-Ups, in which you start with your chin over the bar and lower yourself taking 3-5 seconds to do so. You could also have a partner spot you. If you are not quite ready to perform pull-ups of any kind, then you can build up your strength doing Wide Grip Horizontal Pulls. We recommend using horizontal bars at a playground or on a Smith Machine (during slow times at the gym).

Instrumental: “Mind Trip” by Hero the Valiant (https://soundcloud.com/kingblackwolf)
Video filmed by Beya Johnson Photography – (http://beyajohnson.com/)
Editing by Gifted Mindz Production

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