13 Dec 2018

We’ve talked about Jenna for awhile now, and hopefully by now there have been some tips you can use to help your baby. Let’s get into something for the adults today.
Jenna is about 5 months now and her sleep patterns still vary, which can present itself as a challenge. Sleep…though very important for babies, it certainly is important to the health, or at least the sustainability of ones health.
When it comes to babies, they pretty much are organized by natural instincts that tell them it’s time for rest. Rest to build vital proteins in the body, brain development and of course growth. This is why it seems like your baby may nap so much through the day. But don’t forget this much needed discipline for yourself.


I know, I know, Jennice what are you talking about?! I have a million things to catch up on, bills are due, everyone wants to see the baby, not to mention my regular work schedule, and on top of that I’m caring for a new little one. I don’t have time for sleep!
Well let’s start by explaining some great benefits regular sleep can assist you with in your day to day life.
1) Adequate sleep is linked to lower blood pressure, and less stress as it gives the body and mind time to clear toxins and slow the heart rate down to re-energize for another day.
2) People who sleep well have less pain and lower signs of chronic depression.
(Ladies, have you ever wondered why after bringing your baby home after the first few months, you suffer from a case of post-partum depression. I have a theory that it may not only be the raging hormones, but a lack of sleep.)
3) Sex. let’s face it. Its sooo much better when you and your lover are both rested and able to “endure” to the “end” if you know what I mean.
With that being said, the lack of rest has plenty disadvantages. The most detrimental in my opinion is the heaviness of the eyes, and deficiency of focus on your baby when most needed. With children you must have a level of alertness that exceeds the norm. In some cases a moment can turn into life or death.
I have some tips on how to improve you and your baby’s sleep routine to ensure you both stay happy and healthy.
1) Try to establish a bedtime for you and baby. This is a hard step because things throughout the day can throw you baby off a pattern very easily, so it may seem this method does not work, but trust me, after a few days or even weeks the repetition will sink in.
2) Along with a bed time, set an atmosphere. This can be done with dimming lights, adding lavender scents in the room relaxing music and a good feeding before bedtime. Be sure to keep things calm so you and baby can rest peacefully.
3) To keep anxiety down, set a subtle alarm on your phone to check baby during the night. If you are a first time parent it will give you a peace of mind to check your baby every 3 hours during the night. Especially the 0-3 month range.
4) If you stay at home. You may have to sacrifice long talks on the phone, your favorite sitcom or long reading sessions, but you must NAP during the day with baby. What do I mean by that exactly? Well instead of a traditional sleeping schedule, I started to take naps alongside baby Jenna. This usually consisted of a pattern of feeding, playing, changing her diaper and napping. It’s at those critical moments that you must grab the closest pillow, set if an alarm if necessary and rest your body to rejuvenate yourself in order to be the best caregiver you can.
In conclusion a rested and stable mind is the best chance that you and your baby have to success at every level of development.

Live Healthy one day at a time.

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