26 Jan 2018

It seems like life used to be way simpler just a few decades ago – the professional athletes wore proper athletic clothing, and you wore whatever was faded, slightly torn, or old. Nowadays, things have changed, as athletic clothing is gaining immense popularity in all areas of the fitness industry. And rightfully so.


Amateur athletes, professional competitors, and even gym bros, everyone seems to be getting on the athletic wear hype train, but why is that? Can athletic clothing truly make a difference and are the benefits worth the cost? Let’s break these questions down into five essential reasons why wearing the proper athletic clothing can make all the difference.


A long-term investment

First things first, athletic wear is worth your money. It’s durable and it won’t tear or break down as easily as your regular clothes would. In fact, the sturdy microfibers are specifically designed to withstand rigorous abuse, whether from the pressure of the barbell, or the outside elements such as wind, rain, and heat.


Your typical performance shirt and leg wear might cost more than a regular cotton shirt, but the benefits they bring far outweigh the initial investment. What’s more, athletic wear is easy to wash and dries fast so you won’t have to worry about having nothing to wear to the gym.


Take your workout to the next level

When it comes to increasing your performance inside the iron jungle and out, athletic clothes take the proverbial cake. Upon putting them on, you will immediately feel overwhelmed with a sense of freedom, you will be able to breathe deeply and easily, you will feel warm yet dry, flexible yet sturdy and strong.


This is the type of environment you want to create for your body every time you step into the gym in order to take your fitness game to the next level. You will be able to move freely throughout your workout, feeling no aches or pains, just pure energy and strength due to the supportive nature of the compressive fabrics.


Keeping your body safe

Speaking of support, performance wear is specifically designed to give your body the stability it needs to push harder without the risk of injury. Providing adequate compression for the most crucial areas such as your shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles is imperative.


Not only should you wear breathable compression socks and leggings to keep your lower body safe and warm during your workout, you should wear a performance shirt as well, in order to avoid shoulder injuries and elbow pain from those heavy presses. Remember, exercising safety is essential if you are in it for the long haul.


Stay comfy and flexible

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as having limited range of motion because your sweats are too tight, or having no support because your shorts are too baggy. You need to remain comfortable and flexible throughout your workout not only to avoid injuries, but also in order to maximize your time at the gym.


Performance wear will allow you to stretch more efficiently before you go into your working sets by supporting constant blood flow, keep you warm and mobile during your workout, and allow you to cool down slowly and safely when you’re done.


Improve post-workout recovery

Often a neglected part of the strength and muscle building process among lifters is post workout recovery from a muscular and nervous system standpoint. While you might be eating right and sleeping plenty, you can still experience significant muscle soreness in the days leading into your next workout, which can sometimes even prevent you from going to the gym the next day.


Wearing your athletic clothes on your rest days will help you recover faster from your workout, subdue any muscle soreness, and come back to the gym the next day stronger than before. Even if the tightness in your joints and muscles follow you into the next workout, your compression clothes will keep you safe from any tears or injuries.


What was once considered beneficial to professionals only has now become a staple in all tiers of the fitness industry. Athletic clothing is swiftly taking over the world, allowing amateur athletes to elevate their training and reach new goals.

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