17 May 2020

Quarantine is probably the most used word in the present scenario. With the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, every individual wish to stay as isolated as possible. 
However, quarantine comes along with certain mental disturbances and deviations from salubrity. Owing to the isolation, many people suffer from severe anxiety, stress, and depression states.
One of the most prevalent concerns worldwide is health, primarily the mental aspects. To keep the unwanted thoughts and diseases at bay, you must stick to regular exercises.  Apart from physical fitness, don’t stay away from consuming enough calories to keep you going throughout. Here are the super-easy tips to keep you safe, salubrious, and active during the lockdown.

Keep The Anxiety At Bay



With the global epidemic at the peak, most of the people are likely to suffer from stress and anxiety. You must realize that sweaty palms and racing heartbeats are the body’s coping mechanisms towards the unwanted stimulus. 
Also, you can keep the anxiety under control with some herbal preparations and relaxation exercises. Whenever you feel suffocated or anxious, make sure to take deep breaths. 
You can follow the 4-7-8 technique while practicing breathing exercises. All you need to do is inhale for the first 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and finally exhale for 8 seconds. 

  • Aromatherapy Using Herbal Oil is an extensive way to stay away from repetitive anxious thoughts. Some herbal oils like Lavender, Valerian, and Chamomile are the top-notch anxiolytics. 
  • Try Not To Consume Alcohol for the time being. This is because the alcohol might relax you initially, but cause addiction in the long run. 

Anxiety-prone individuals develop alcohol-dependence much faster than healthy people.

  • Take Chamomile Supplements for a natural anxiety cure. Studies show that taking around 220 milligrams of the herb five times a day can provide excessive relaxation and calm your nerves down.


Exercise Whenever You Can



One of the best ways to stay in shape even during the lockdown is through home exercises. During the isolation period, you might end up binge eating during the late-night hours.
Balance out the extra calories consumed through adequate physical activity. Not only does it keep you healthy, but it also boosts the metabolism for proper weight loss.
All you need to do is divide specific days in the week and target different parts of each of them. The proper body workout classification involves the core, legs, shoulders, back, hips, and trunk. 
To retain the developed muscles and keep the steroidal side-effects away, one can also use tamoxifen and related supplements.

  • Do A Few Elbow Planks to target your core and strengthen the muscles. All you need to do is place your forearms on the ground and lift the body.

Hold on for as long as you can as this determines the level of your workout.

  • Back Extensions are the best way to tighten your back muscles. Start with lifting your upper body while keeping the legs on the ground.

Hold your body in that position for a few seconds and then release it.

  • Squats for targeting the hip muscles, namely the glutes. Sit down just like you do on a chair and stay in the position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 



Focus On The Diet & Regimen

The ongoing epidemic calls for top-notch immunity that helps in fighting the infections. That’s when the role of a healthy diet creeps in. Before fetching the groceries, make sure to select the ones with longer shelf-life. Also, stick to a balanced diet loaded with high nutritional value. Fresh veggies with proper cooking are what you need for proper nutrition. Try and prepare home-cooked meals with the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats.

  • Safe Food Handling Practices are the best ways to stay away from COVID-19. Keep the raw food at an isolated place and make sure to clean the raw veggies before eating them.
  • Healthy Snacking Options that can be prepared easily. Some items like air-popped popcorns, dry fruits, nuts, packed tuna, and hummus provide complete nutrients.
  • Avoid Junk Food Containing Artificial Sweetening Agents. That way, you can keep both the systemic disorders as well as anxiety away. 


Spare Some Downtime For Yourself



While working from home, you are likely to engross yourself in the assignments. During the lockdown, it’s highly crucial to spare some time for yourself.  After you’re done with the daily assignment, make sure to rejuvenate your body. You can do this by watching the sunset over coffee or just meditating in front of the sun.

Start with researching the activities that interest you. That way, you can easily spend your downtime replenishing your soul. 

  • Epsom Salt Baths offer the much-needed hydrotherapy. You can relax and charge your body after hours of mental strain during work.
  • Music Therapy accounts for either singing or listening to music. Create your lockdown playlist and enjoy the evening snacks with ease.
  • Yoga & Meditation is yet another self-soothing activity that increases productivity. Along with this, you can easily get rid of the anxiety and depression with just a few minutes of these exercises.


Get Proper Sleep Everyday

You must have heard about the phrase “eight hours of beauty sleep” at least once. Turns out that these eight hours are the most crucial of all. 
This is because your brain consolidates the entire information during sleep. Along with this, the other physiological systems go through the required charging up.  The ideal environment that fetches you a refreshing sleep is the one that is dark, quiet, and cool. Arrange your bedroom and make it comfortable enough.


  • Reduces Stress Hormones & Improved Memory by making your brain relax. If you’re finding it difficult to learn information lately, it might be because of sleep deprivation.
  • Boosts The Immunological Functions and helps in fighting off the COVID-19 and other infections. That way, you wouldn’t suffer from the sore throat or common flu easily.
  • Lowers Down The Blood Pressure by releasing the necessary compounds. You are less likely to suffer from Hypertension if you sleep like a baby. 


Manage The Work Environment

If you’re experiencing trouble concentrating on the work, then you might want to reconsider your workspace. COVID-19 calls for the need to work from home and complete your assignments. All you need to do is do some modifications to your work environment. Do your bit by transforming the space into a work-specific one. You might also want to change into work clothes for better concentration. Further, boost your performance by writing down the goals for specific days.

  • Long-Term Concentration is the result of how efficient your workspace looks. You can’t lie down on the bed and expect to focus completely on the assignments.
  • Be As Productive As You Want with the ideal work environment. With the top-notch surroundings, you can meet the deadlines way before the scheduled dates.


Don’t Give Up On Socializing

With the workload and ongoing stress, you might turn out to be an antisocial person. During the quarantine period, you must take out a few minutes to socialize.
Whenever you get time, make sure to do a group skype call with your best buddies. Not only does it brighten up your mood, but also makes you realize that you aren’t alone. 

Spend some time with your family and play interesting indoor games. Don’t let the isolation period turn you into an antisocial being.

  • Boosts The Cognitive Functions of the Brain. The more you communicate, the more your mind thinks and processes the incoming information. 
  • Creates A Sense Of Purpose, especially when you think there are no goals to meet. By listening to how productive your friend’s day was, you might try a little harder to make the ends meet.
  • Reduces The Chances Of Psychiatric Ailments like depression and anxiety. Communicating and letting your troubles out is the only way to get rid of depressive thoughts.


Final Verdict

Quarantine calls for better time management and never-ending enthusiasm. During the isolation, you might get overwhelmed with anxious thoughts. That’s when the role of staying active and healthy comes into play. To keep the laziness away, all you need to do is stick to physical activity. Plan out your day and devote at least 30 minutes to workout. Along with this, take good care of your diet and regimen.
In case you experience lethargy and depressive thoughts, go for herbal therapies like aromatherapy. Have a look at the easy ways mentioned above to stay salubrious and active throughout the isolation period.


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