23 Jun 2014

I realized in my last article I told a little bit about my story. Well let me be honest and tell you the real reason for this healthy lifestyle change. I’ll paint the picture for you. It was a warm beautiful day in June last year. Actually, I was at Cedar Point with my friends Jerico and Mike, and we decided to ride the Millennium Force, which is one of my favorite coasters. The wait for this coaster is always long so I didn’t mind waiting the two hours in line. We got to the front of the line and as soon as I sat down in the coaster seat, something felt off. I tried to buckle the seat belt and it didn’t work. I looked behind me at my friends and said it won’t buckle. “Suck it in and try!”, I was told.
I did and it still wouldn’t go. The ride operator came by and looked at me and I knew from the expression on his face what was going to happen. I pleaded with my eyes as he came over and tried (I think halfheartedly) and told me that I was too big for the ride and I would have to exit the loading dock. I sat there for a second to protest and then hung my head in defeat. I got out of the seat and started to walk over to the gate. I can hear my friends protest but I just kept walking the dreaded walk of shame. Tears were starting to fall but they didn’t because I was so angry. I have never in my life been so embarrassed. I made my way down the gate and over to Mike’s girlfriend and Jerico’s wife embarrassed. I acted like I was mad at the park, but in reality, they were doing their jobs. I was more angry at myself that I let myself get that big. I vowed that I would never let that happen again. It’s been a year and I’m almost ready to try to ride Millennium again, but not quite yet. However, I will ride it this year. I will celebrate it and buy the ride photo. I knew then that I needed to change my lifestyle, but I didn’t do it for a few months. An eye opening experience sometimes is all that’s needed to change someone and their way of thinking the way they do things. This was definitely my eye opening experience. In life we all have choices that shape our lives whether they be positive or negative. I’m used to making negative ones, now I’m striving to make positive choices and with that comes the opportunity to inspire others to do the same.
My name is Aaron Bear Mayfield and this is my journey………

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