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CASS Fitness Exercise of the DAY – Horizontal Pulls

Horizontal Pulls are one of our favorite exercises to prescribe to clients. They blast the upper and middle back muscles. They do a great job for your biceps too, especially if you use an underhand grip like you would for Chin-Ups. Horizontal Pulls are easier than Pull-Ups, and can be done in many different areas. Some of those areas include bars on a playground (like shown below with our client, Christine), the handles on a dip machine, arms of two treadmills side by side (don’t do this during peak hours in a gym), or a smith machine bar (again don’t do this during peak hours) to name a few. The higher the bar is, the easier the exercise is. Lower the bar to make the exercise more difficult. Here is our client, Christine performing a Horizontal Pull at a playground in Washington, DC.


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Horizontal Pulls are a great exercise to superset with Push-Ups and Bodyweight Squats so you can get a full body workout anywhere! We also will put together drop set workouts starting with pull-ups, then dropping to a low level Horizontal Pull until failure, then raising the bar to have the client do more reps. Here is an example

Pull-Ups – Failure
Horizontal Pulls (Smith Machine bar, quadriceps height) – Failure
Horizontal Pulls (Smith Machine bar, chest height) – Failure

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Matt Bible
Co-Owner at CASS Fitness
Matt Bible is the Co-Owner and an Executive Personal Trainer with CASS Fitness. He specializes in helping his clients lose weight, gain strength, and help prevent lower back issues. He lives in Gaithersburg, MD. He also enjoys strength training, outdoor activities, traveling, and music.
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