12 Jan 2014

Almost every guy wants larger arms. We at Cass Fitness have noticed something in our years of working out at various gyms across the United States…not too many people perform reverse bicep curls. If somebody wants more forearm strength, better grip, increased activiation and size for their Brachialis and Brachioradius muscles, then reverse curls are an exercise that should not be neglected.
To perform a standing dumbbell reverse curl, hold the dumbbells with a pronated (overhand) grip instead of the typical underhand grip. You will definitely use less weight than you would for a traditional bicep curl. Keep your elbows close to your body, flexing in a straight line as you curl. If your elbows go out away from your body, you should reduce the weight you are lifting. Keep your back and upper body straight as you perform this exercise. Bring the dumbbells concentrically past your chest just like you would for a regular bicep curl, then eccentrically lower the weight to your starting position.

This exercise will help you get bigger overall arms. Not only will you build your forearm size and strength up like we previously mentioned, your grip will increase for your other workouts, helping you to lift more than you ever could before.

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