08 May 2014

Here is one of our favorite exercises and one of the most effective compound exercises in helping to develop your triceps muscles. Dips will not only help you get defined triceps, but they help you gain upper body strength, benefiting your chest and shoulders as well. Here is a demonstration of how to do a proper dip below. I am using a standard dip machine. If you are not at a gym, you can use parallel bars at a playground, or any two sturdy surfaces that are parallel, as long as you can keep your body straight, and go down until your arms make a 90 degree angle. I would consider dips an intermediate exercise. It takes strength to do a dip properly. Seated Dips are an easier alternative. Also, as you lose weight and gain strength in your triceps and chest, you will have an easier time performing a dip. Once you can, I highly recommend incorporating them into your upper body routines to accelerate the results you are looking for. Dips have been an important exercise in one of my clients’ routine as we get closer to one of his goals of benching 300 pounds (His max has increased from 205 to 280 since I started with him last fall).
Check out my video demonstration below!

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Have fun doing your dips today!
-Matt Bible

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