10 Apr 2015

I want to introduce you to the deep glute stretch. If you run, you may already be familiar with it. Our hamstrings get tight from our everyday activities, especially if we are sitting for a long period of time regularly. Tight hamstrings can result in low back pain. This is an excellent stretch if you have low back pain or have pain in your hamstring (especially in the area that connects to your glutes). This is also a great stretch to help prevent pain in your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. Read how to do this stretch below!
deep glute stretch

Lay down on the floor on your back.
You can put one foot up against a wall to provide additional support during the stretch.
Cross the left leg over the right, with the left ankle resting on the right knee
If not using a wall for support, slowly move your right thigh toward your chest as you apply gentle pressure to the inside of the left knee.
You should feel a deep stretch in your glutes and your hips.
Repeat on the other side.
Do the Deep Glute Stretch 3-4 times per day. Hold the stretch for only 2-3 seconds on each side for 8-10 reps before your workout to avoid relaxing your muscles. Stretch each side for 30 seconds after your workout or during other periods of your day, especially after sitting for long periods of time.
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