10 Jul 2017

The world is becoming smaller and smaller. Many of us have to spend hours, days, and weeks traveling.
It is incredibly interesting but there are still disadvantages. Along with changing time zone and climate, we change food and water. How to survive with less stress?

Besides that everything is much more expensive while traveling, the choice is very limited. The further you go, the more unusual food is, the more troubles with health and the more complicated acclimatization goes. There is no option sometimes though, which is why the following article is going to be pretty much at handy for travelers or those who are just about to become ones.

1. Take as much water from home as possible

It might seem to be weird but even traveling to a city nearby, it may turn out that the water there is different.
If, of course, it is not bottled water from the store. The water changes our digestion profoundly. It is seen though abdominal swelling, obstipation or, on the contrary, diarrhea. The more adjusted water is, the better.

2. Take fruits for the journey

It is simply excellent food for travelers. They do not make dirty, fit in any bag, stick to the ribs, and revive spirits and energy level. Besides that, fruits are so delicious! Both, children and adults love fruits.

3. If the place you are headed to is not far away, take food on a trip

It will save not your health only but also your money. Prices at the airports and railway stations are impressive. At that, the assortment does not bring any joy. Often enough, the choice is between shawarma made of yesterday`s meat, a piece of cake, bat-up salad or pizza dripping with grease.

There might be preservation agents and antioxidants even in a boiled egg! Which is why it is better to pack a homemade sandwich in foil. Let it be not that superb diet food, at least preservation agents free.

Slice vegetables and put them into freezer bags. Onions, carrots and bell peppers will do for this purpose. Add dried fruits and nuts to this vegetable ration. Put them into Tupperware for convenience.

4. If you need to buy food (there is no other way if the place you go is located far away), choose products you know

Do not be tempted with overseas delicacies upon the road yet. Pick dishes you are familiar with. You will have enough time to try local exotic cuisine while staying in the country. It is well-known what a body`s reaction would be if you tried ingredients or species you barely know or do not know at all.

5. Choose products with minimum amount of sugar

Why? Because if you had something very sweet, your body would react with irresistible fatigue. Glycaemic level will increase rapidly decreasing this rapidly afterwards. Your body is stressed due to the flight or tour already. The above is also true of sugar free products. Such products effect the blood sugar level as much as regular sugar itself.

6. Choose products with the least amount of food chemicals

Do not be lazy and read what it says on a label of the product you buy (if it is packed). Do not forget all your healthy eating because of a business trip. If prepared provision is over, order some food in the café or a restaurant.

 7. Get magnesium in pills

It cures obstipation excellently. It is such a constant guest while traveling due to water changes. Your body has brain freeze. Even if you eat healthy, your digestion might slow down because of water change only as long as it needs time to get used to a new microbial flora.

Besides that, magnesium helps to sleep better at night. It makes it to where muscles get relaxed. If you travel oftentimes, you know the feeling of trouble sleeping in hotels on different beds. Magnesium will help you out.

Dose – 30 mg of magnesium per day before bedtime.

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8. Take probiotics necessarily on the road

Probiotics are medications with bifid bacteria. They will help your digestive system to better orientate oneself within new atmosphere let alone keep your immunity while traveling. Obstipation prevention is icing on the cake.

9. Do not overdo coffee and alcohol

These drinks make the quality of your sleep worse significantly and harm your digestion. Especially alcohol. Yes, it sounds strange. Having a glass of wine before bedtime makes it to where one falls asleep faster. The quality of such sleep is much worse than as if you had no wine. Moreover, alcohol shatters immunity, which is very much in need when it comes to traveling in order to fight with all the unknown bacteria and viruses under unfamiliar circumstances.

As for coffee, the golden rule is no caffeine after 2 PM (it is even better after noon). What is more, this rule expands for a lifetime, not while traveling only.

10. Buy food in places you know well

If you visit one and the same places often enough, you most likely have favorite ones where one can have a nice meal. If you are thrown in different corners of the world, you do not have such an opportunity. Which is why it is preferably to buy products in the stores of famous global brand nets or expensive restaurants (there are such ones in some airports).

McDonalds, Burger King and alike do not count as such. You do not need many empty calories and stomach pain right in 30 minutes after you ate. As for expensive restaurants, oftentimes a real food is made there out of real ingredients. And that is what you need.

Yes, it is more expensive but you will be full longer and there is going to be no need to spend money on antidiarrheal medicine.

11. Do not eat anything at all in case there are no places you know well

Yes, it sounds weird. Nevertheless, a human being can live without food for 30 days. It will not cost you anything to live for 1-2 days. Besides literally. The main thing is to drink as much clean water and herbal tea as possible.

Do not be afraid. You will not die of hunger. You will not even feel any hunger much. You come to understanding that we consume too much food and it appears that we need not that much really.

Fat diets of the 5 : 2, 4 : 3 type and so on based on principles of therapeutic fasting take over the world in leaps and bounds. Abstinence from food to the extent not eases down our bodies from endless digestion and releases from extra body fat only but also let it switch to tasks that are more complicated – cellular turnover, senility and disease control.

Thus, you are welcome to abstinent from food. When you are in the place of destination, you will catch up if you want.

That is the way the cookie crumbles. Hopefully, it will help you to take in stride wherever you go.

Safe travels to you and well-doing!

About the author: Melisa Marzett is an author of plenty articles by now. Working for Pure essay writing company at this particular time, she provides with help for students with their college assignments. She is curious by nature, eager to help those who need help and accept any kind of writing challenge.

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