18 Feb 2018


Staying fit does not necessarily mean Keto diet or hardcore exercise on a regular basis. Most of us obviously do not have enough time to spare for the gym and cooking customized meals for ourselves. Plus, everybody cannot afford it either.
Do you feel like you cannot stay fit only because of your budget or lack of time for the gym and proper diet? If so, I must tell you how untrue that is. All you need to do to is incorporate a few healthy habits and sticking to them no matter what. Want to know what such habits are? Here you go:

Keep the Body Detoxified

Staying healthy and fit has a lot to do with our internal system. If we are healthy from the inside, our skin definitely appears more glowing and we look fit in person. Keeping the body detoxified and clean is necessary for better metabolism and proper hydration level. Drink as much water as you can is something we hear all the time but fail to follow. The only way you can track your water intake and drink it enough is to carry a bottle wherever you go. You can also add chia seeds to it for better detoxification and a soothing effect.

Stay Up and Running

It is not necessary that you head to the gym for a workout even when you are fully occupied. This way you will end up skipping it completely at times too. The better approach is to make up your mind for constant physical activity. Choose walking or cycling over driving or hopping on a metro. Prefer taking stairs over elevators and escalators. Just stay up and running all day and walk whenever and wherever you can.

Say ‘No’ to Unhealthy Habits

Where you are incorporating some healthy habits, it is equally important to be aware of the unhealthy ones prevailing in your routine and trying your best to get rid of them too. Only doing so, you can achieve a much healthier and fit body and mind you want to achieve. If it is nail-biting or addiction of weed or cigarettes, just give it up once and for all. Do not try to stop yourself from it. Instead, choose a safer alternative such as vaping or chewing gum for distracting yourself whenever you feel like you need it.

Stay Socially Active

By staying socially active, I do not mean posting new updates on your Facebook and contacting people through Whatsapp. It means that you take time out to meet old friends and make new ones. Spending time with your loved ones helps improve overall mental health and brings a sense of calmness and composure as well. Being socially connected leaves a great positive impact on the body and mind and strengthens your emotional wellbeing.
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