26 Mar 2018

Nowadays the majority of people work out on a regular basis, but our biggest concern here is whether they know how to do this properly. You may have thought that nothing can go wrong and that all you need to do is just go to the nearest gym every other day. However, a serious workout requires a lot of preparation which will help you get the best results and stay healthy as well. Therefore, we’ve prepared the ultimate pre and post workout guide. Let’s take a look.

Pre-workout preparations:

Drink enough water

There is absolutely nothing worse than starting your training dehydrated. First of all, your muscles will become sore much faster and you won’t have enough energy and motivation to proceed with exercising for a longer period of time. In addition to that, water is important for your joints as well since it is the main component of the synovial fluid, which is crucial for keeping them lubricated. Finally, if you drink the recommended amount of water daily, you’ll be much more resistant to pain, and thus, able to really push your limits and get that dream body for this summer much quicker.

Warm up!

Unless your goal is to end up seriously injured while exercising, you have to warm up all your muscles and joints first, regardless of the intensity of your training. Therefore, before you even start thinking about working out, make sure to develop your own dynamic warm-up routine that will raise your body temperature and get your heart pumping. Additionally, this will help you increase your range of motions and in this way, get the best results from each activity.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is extremely important if you want to take your fitness program seriously. So, instead of binge-watching your favourite TV show till early in the morning, go to sleep before midnight and have at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep. We guarantee you that you’ll notice the various benefits of this regime immediately, including reduced appetite, a significantly better mood, and a higher level of endurance. After all, it’s expected that a person who is sleep-deprived will not be able to function properly, let alone keep up with an intensive training routine.

Eat a light snack

Finally, make sure not to skip a meal before your workout. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should eat some heavy food which will lead to cramps and prevent you from finishing your training. Instead, prepare a nice light snack rich in protein and carbs that will provide you with that much-needed energy boost. Here are some interesting ideas.


Post-workout routine:

Don’t forget your supplements

Although we’ve decided to mention supplements as a part of a post-workout routine, keep in mind that you can take them before your workout as well since they’ll definitely help you take your exercise to the next level. For example, vitamin C is an antioxidant which your body needs in order to be able to deal with the metabolic stress caused by exercising.


Additionally, magnesium supplements will help your muscles relax. Owing to them, you’ll avoid getting cramps and you’ll accelerate your post-workout recovery, so don’t forget to take them immediately after the training. Finally, since most of us are not always able to prepare a meal rich in all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, you shouldn’t shy away from relying on workout supplements. After all, they have shown to be our best allies on our road to that perfect body we’ve always dreamt about.

Enjoy a cool shower

Once you’re done with exercising, feel free to rush to the bathroom and enjoy a quick cool shower. This is important since cold water will soothe the inflammation and prevent your muscles from getting sore. As you can see, the pattern is quite simple – warm up before your training, cool down afterwards, and we promise you that the results will be visible soon.

Eat again

After the workout, people usually get really hungry and they are likely to eat everything that they can get their hands on. However, that’s not the best idea. In order to prevent ruining all your hard work, make sure to prepare a hearty meal rich in proteins that will help you stay full and keep your muscles energized. With this in mind, feel free to take a look at the list of some high protein foods and pick your favourites. Finally, make sure to drink enough water after your workout since you will lose a lot of fluids by sweating, and you probably don’t want your sore muscles to stop you from enjoying your workout session the next day.


As you can see, working out is not that simple after all. So, make sure to take it seriously and be well-prepared. Additionally, even when you think you’re done, you’re not. And, that’s when you should remember what we’ve discussed related to the post-workout routine and try to follow our advice as much as possible. Lastly, once you get used to all these pre- and post-workout steps, everything will be much easier, and you’ll be grateful that you’ve incorporated them into your workout routine


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