09 Jan 2018


After months and days of procrastination finally, you’ve decided to hit the gym or buy the gym equipment for your home and get into shape, congratulations. Our Gym Equipment Guide might help you out. Since you’ve just started we wouldn’t want you getting hurt and quitting the very next day now, would we? So here are a few exercises you can do in the first two weeks to get used to the exertion.
If you want to whip yourself into shape the first and foremost exercise, you should definitely make a part of your routine is running. It is one of the exercises with most effective results. How much, when and for how long you should run depends on the amount of physical exercise your body is already used to and your specific weight. Although it may sound like its easy, one run isn’t going to make you fit magically. It should become a part of your daily lifestyle if you want to achieve your optimum weight.
Pushups are essential for any newbie at the gym.  You should have ideal upper body strength before you hit the weight machines and for that reason, pushups are crucial. They help you with your core and your upper body but most of all they help you increase your stamina and cut unwanted fat such as your love handles. Start from at least five reps daily for at least a week and then add five reps daily per week.
Seated row
If you want to work the machines, this is an ideal start. Adjust the weight of the pulley column according to your needs, but it is recommended to use the least amount of weight possible and tense your core. Although this targets the back and biceps, it is very important for getting the six pack that you always wanted.

Abs wheel rollout
I confess this isn’t easy, but it still can be attempted by newbies if they do it in the correct proportion. Using the abs wheel engages your whole core and strengthens it. This exercise, however, requires perfect posture, and anything less than ideal can cause you to hurt a muscle. Trainer supervision is needed.
Lying Leg Curl
Lying leg curls target your hamstrings, which are the muscles at the back of your thighs. Although with the rise in the theories about functional exercises has increased it still cannot prove that all machines should not be used as machines target specific muscles that are usually ignored in everyday movement or are less used. Newbies should be careful with the weight adjustment as they should start with fewer reps and lighter weights.
Standing Calf Raise
Calf raises are done to increase your strength. People hitting the gym for the first time should stick to their body weight to do the exercise. However, if they think that they can handle the weights after a week or two, they should start form ankle weights, and then gradually move towards barbells.

Author Bio:
Jim Roose is a former competitive power lifter and gym owner. He is obsessed with physical fitness and healthy eating. He regularly writes about fitness secrets and much more at https://garagegymbuilder.com/.

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