15 Apr 2018

Meta Description: Want to do a treadmill workout for weight loss? Read this article to know how you can maximize its weight loss benefits and how you can make the most out of your workouts!
Treadmill Workout for Weight Loss: The Guide You Need
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Cardio is a pain. Everyone who works out knows that.


Few people are fans of cardio workouts. But, a lot of us are familiar with the positive effects it does to our bodies, such as a healthier heart, improved metabolism, better hormonal profile, and faster physical recovery rate. These are some of the reasons why we do it, anyway.


But, cardio more than just being difficult (who likes running out of breath, anyway?) can also get boring through time. The time required for an effective cardio workout is a lot longer than making a few sets of reps in weightlifting. It is also not as diverse unless you are doing a HIIT cardio mat workout.


The treadmill is one of the most used machines at gyms, especially by people who are targeting weight loss. With good reason. It really does the job. It burns a lot of calories in one go. But, running for 30 mins or brisk walking for 45 minutes on a treadmill every time you hit the gym is such a blah. And when the person gets bored of a routine, the routine ends up being neglected.


We are familiar with the usual tempo workout, where during the first part, you do light jogging for warm up. Then comes the tempo, where the bulk of the intense running occurs. This is usually wrapped up with a few minutes of cool down. Normally, each segment is assigned ten minutes each. But, you can tweak it.


Well, guess what? You can switch things up! Here are a few of the best treadmill exercises that will help you lose those extra pounds while keeping you on your toes (literally and figuratively!):


1. Do interval training while on the treadmill.
Doing a HIIT workout is possible with this machine. You do not need wide and varying movements to do hight intensity workouts. The changes in interval here maybe a lot shorter than the usual treadmill run. But, at a much higher intensity level. Recovery periods mean walks or slow jogs. If you wish to lose as much weight as possible, make sure to get the best treadmill.
• Five minutes of light jogging.

• Twelve of one minute hard intervals (sprinting) with a minute of rest in between.

• Five to six minutes of cool down.


2. Pretend you are climbing a hill.
Increasing the elevation of your treadmill will have you feeling like you are running some hills. It is probably one of the most intense ways to do cardio. Not only does it eliminate excess calories, but it also increases bodily strength and agility. You can begin running at 8% inclination.
• Warm up for ten minutes.

• Do five sets of two minute elevated running with a recovery time of one minute in between.

• Do a five-minute cooldown.


3. Play up your endurance by performing a slow and steady treadmill workout.
Considered unproductive by many people since you may not be able to burn up as many calories. However, your stamina and longevity in this workout will be much improved. Your body responds to this kind of workout by adding capillaries while increasing the mitochondria’s size and number.
• Five-minute warm up.

• Jog 35 minutes in average pace.

• End with a five minute cool down.


4. Play up the speed and inclination, if you only have time for a short workout.
This quick routine lasts only for twenty minutes. It may seem easy at first, but once the pace is increased, it will give your body a real workout. It is divided into four parts, each four minutes long, perfect for those who get bored easily. Just be ready, cos the last part is challenging.


• Start at a steady pace (5.5 speed is ideal) for four minutes. Increase speed by .3 ever 30 seconds.

• Lower the pace by two levels for a minute.

• Ramp up to the original speed for another four minutes. Increase the speed by .5 MPH every thirty seconds.

• Lower again to walking pace.

• Return to original speed for four minutes, but this time set the inclination to four percent. Increase speed by .3 ever 30 seconds.

• Walk for a minute on a lower speed maintaining the inclination.

• For minute 15 to 19, run with the original speed for four minutes with 4% inclination, but every 30 seconds increase the speed by .5.

• Cool down for a minute.


Maximize your cardio workouts by doing different routines every time. Not only does it make things more interesting, but it also surprises your body, so you won’t hit the plateau.
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