25 Oct 2015

Reese Tricep Pushdown

The Triceps Rope Pushdown is a great way to isolate your triceps muscles. It is a staple we place in many of our strength training workouts. The Triceps Rope Pushdown does a great job in stressing all three heads of the triceps muscle, which are the lateral head, the medial head, and the long head. Here is how to do the Triceps Rope Pushdown along with a demo video by Harry “Reese” Griggs.

Stand facing the cable machine and grip the triceps rope. When you grip the triceps rope, your hands should be in a neutral position, meaning your palms will face each other. Make sure you are standing upright, with your chest and head up and your shoulders back. Keep your arms close to your sides, and do not let them flare out to the side when you are performing the exercise.

Use only your lower portion of your arms and push down to the floor in a slow, controlled motion. Before you fully extend your arms, start rotating your wrists inward until your palms are facing down, then keep your palms facing down as your arms are in the fully extended position. Briefly hold this fully extended position while you squeeze your triceps. Slowly return to the starting position and rotate your wrists back to the neutral position.

Repeat the exercise for the amount of reps allotted. Most gyms have several of these ropes for you to use. If you are in a smaller apartment or office gym that does not have the triceps rope, then you can purchase a good quality rope for a cheap price on eBay!

Be sure to include Triceps Rope Pushdown in your arms and upper body routines if strength in your pushing muscles and definition in your triceps are some of the benefits you crave.

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