17 Jan 2016

What will you do to reach your goals? How badly do you want to reach them? I ask my clients these questions quite often. I ask myself these questions as well.

As far as clients, I provide a training plan on how we will go about reaching those goals. Every person is unique. What works for one person may not work for somebody else. Every person has a various set of obstacles they have to work around. Some obstacles can be stressful and time consuming such as unexpected overtime at work, leaving very little time for working out. Some obstacles can be compromised, such as trying to fit in family time during busy schedules. I encourage them to participate in physical activities involving their children during the off times I am not training them because I know family time is very important. On a side note, I had my 9 month niece giggling last month as I was doing Long Lever Planks while looking over and playing with her. This fulfills spending time with their family and fitting in the 4-5 days per week needed for optimal results. I often ask, when is the best time you have just a half hour or even 15 minutes to fit in running or a few circuits of Push-Ups, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, and Bent Rows?

I ask myself what will I do to reach my goals? Every Sunday, I plan out my week. Not only on a working out point of view, but from a business standpoint. I plan out how I want to go about each workout I have planned for my clients and my group classes based on the plan I have given and adjustments that need to be made. I also focus on how I can grow CASS Fitness as a business. Running a small business has been an absolute blessing to me, and is providing me freedom and fulfillment I never enjoyed working for somebody else. However, the work never ends. I do not get to spend the time I want to with friends, family, and my girlfriend, yet they are very supportive in what I do. I realize I live in one of the most expensive areas in the United States (The Washington, DC area for those who are not local) and it is tough to make it here initially. However, I stuck around because the opportunity around is far greater than most other areas especially in the fitness world. These downfalls are not complaints. These are obstacles I have embraced and knew would happen when I decided to leave the corporate world. The things I have are my happiness and the freedom to truly change people’s lives for the better. I never could do that working behind a desk somewhere or even working a big box gym. Not to knock the big box gyms, but I studied the environment every time I worked out and just knew it was not for me. I use all of the factors I mentioned above as motivators.

How badly do you want to reach your goals? Most people truly want to change. I want to inspire and help cultivate that change. I always say to keep repeating that question in your head when that distance meter on your treadmill or fitbit is chugging away ever so slowly. I ask that question when plyometrics get to be almost impossible. I ask that question when a client is trying to do their first pull-up or trying to break a personal record in weight training.

I ask myself that when I am doing exercises that are not some of my favorites. I personally love weight lifting, plyometrics, bodyweight training, core training, and interval cardio. Although I came from a distance running background, I dread distance day. But, I put on some fast paced music and I picture one of my personal goals to run a 4:50 mile like I did in high school. I constantly ask myself how badly do I want to reach my goals when I feel like stopping during a long run. I set that mile run goal not because I am going to win some trophy or personal trainer award. I am doing it purely for personal achievement.

These questions should be asked on a daily basis to yourself whether you are striving for fitness goals or just life goals in general. They are simple questions with complex answers, but you will be surprised with how these simple questions can spark your motivation to levels you did not think were possible.

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