13 Oct 2017

Lemon Meringue has always been a favorite flavor of mine. Every trip I took to my Grandma’s house, I was hoping to have some of her homemade lemon meringue pie. I would ask if it was there even though I knew full well it was not! It was actually my preferred pie even over pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I would eat Lemon Meringue pie every day if I could. That is in a dream world, however, since I probably would not maintain 7-8% body fat year round if I ate Lemon Meringue pie all the time.
However, I believe I found the best healthy alternative available. My criteria is that is has to taste good, be low in calories, have little to no sugar, and be high in protein. Also, I prefer to stray away from lots of artificial ingredients. There are a few protein bars that fall under that umbrella. I have found my favorite substitute for lemon meringue pie. I had already enjoyed most of the other varieties of D’s Naturals No Cow Bars. Naturally, I was excited when they announced Lemon Meringue was going to be one of their new flavors.

I was not disappointed when I finally got try to a bar.  Often, I would be disappointed that either the bar did not taste like the flavor it was supposed to or if it did, it would be high in calories.  The calorie count on these bars are only 170 calories.  There is only one gram of sugar and two grams of protein.  Most of the carbs are from Fiber just like Quest Bars are.  One bit of caution, while No Cow Bars are sweetened with healthy natural sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit, be careful when consuming erythritol.  The erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol, can cause stomach issues, headaches, and bowel issues for some people.  No Cow Bars do not have an overwhelming amount of sugar alcohols like most Think Thin bars or Detour’s Lean Muscle variety of bars do.  

No Cow Bars have never bothered me, and I am grateful for that, because you get a nice tart lemon taste that does not feel or taste artificial and over the top.  In fact, I have used the No Cow Lemon Meringue bar as a cure for an occasional sweet tooth.   The fiber, brown rice protein, and pea protein keep you fuller than most 170 calorie snack items.  No Cow Bars Lemon Meringue flavor are highly recommended if you want to be close to a hint of pie nostalgia without the calories.  They are also recommended for the busy professional who may not have time to prepare their meals or have the refrigeration necessary for meals during lunch.  As a personal trainer and group teacher who travels to different locations each session, these work perfectly for my protein needs. Pick some up here for some of the lowest prices on the Internet.

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